Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More new stuff!

I did so much tonight I wasn't able to get it all onto the new website - hopefully I shall get it all on tomorrow during the day.

I started a couple and the direction seemed to change....have you ever noticed that? You sit down to make one design in your head and it changes so you end up with something completely different! I am really pleased with what I did though, the creative juices are definitely flowing. I think I did about 18 cards in four hours! I had a great play around with my new punches. I did some flower ones that use fab colour mixes, and added some simplier ones for those brides that are on a strict budget!

I shall be back tomorrow with some more new stuff!

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Hungry Designs said...


Completely off topic, but i thought i would let you know that i posted a little something about you. thank you so much for the Blog Post. You are a star!

Kindest Wishes,