Sunday, 23 November 2008


I finally have my wreaths done for christmas. They aren't spectacular, but I am still proud of them.

I made two of the wreaths myself, although the big twiggy one was purchased from 'By Nicki' I can't see me giving up the wedding stationery anytime soon, but for the house it will be fine.

My leaves went well, until I touched them! I had spray painted some leave gold and silver, but when they are touched the paint flakes off. I am just going to place them around the bottom of the tree instead.
My tree ornaments are going well too. I have nearly finsihed glittering the wooden ones, and I have some nice cinnamon sticks that I am going to tie into little bundles with thin gold ribbon.

Today was fairly busy. I finished four orders and got them ready to post - they will be sent on Tuesday. One has taken weeks and was quite difficult so I am happy I have finished it. I now have two more orders to start and as soon as I get my fancy new printer I shall be ready to start them!

Love n kisses

x x x

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